Taking-off the trending waves!

Memes, Video,Gifs, blogs, V-logs… all kinds of social media post, are mainly created to be shared (and obviously liked) that set the trending waves because whenever an online post is published, we aim to see them reactions up! That is why most of major digital marketing websites and seminars in 2017 have agreed to few things that will be changing the way digital marketing worked in the past 5 years, here’s a graph below to show you how a minute is spent online!

Here we will discuss how to use the trending waves and the most used #hashtags in social media for the benefit of your business or clients and what should the focus be on! Digital Marketing agencies can help you if you are a business owner looking for a new strategy or to launch a campaign, we can also help you make buzz with your Content strategy.

1) Knowing your audience:

1.1 Engaging

First of all you need to know your audience, memes and trending videos are not for Mr and Mrs everybody, They’re mostly appealing to young adults, researches showed that Internet users between the age of 18–35 years old are more likely to get a meme ! Be careful with selecting, you can’t use a Trump meme in order to show political rightness! Nor can you be sharing a Kim Kardashian latest booty picture to promote being skinny!

1.2 Don’t force it:

In too many forms of viral content creation or content marketing in general, if you try too hard you ‘ll end up laughed at or hurting your business.

[dt_gap height= »15″ /]Forcing a meme into each of your articles will make it obvious that you’re trying to capitalize on the trending waves, rather than enhancing the content in any meaningful or entertaining way.

Memes or GIFs ?

What are memes?

The mighty almighty Richard Dawkins used the word “meme” to describe a cultural based idea or a trend that circulates and grows in popularity much like a successful genetic trait! (Wow).

What are Gifs ?

The Graphics Interchange Format is a bitmap image format that was developed by a team at the bulletin board service provider CompuServe led by American computer scientist Steve Wilhite on June 15, 1987, which is basically a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images.

Thanks the vast power of internet, everyone’s brain is mainly driven toward certain data circulating online, in which unique photos, Gifs or screen shots are easily recognized.

[dt_gap height= »15″ /]Using Literal, Marcos and Temporary or intentionally viral memes or gif is not the same, the aim should be on the easiest to be understood, while focusing on creating an attention grabber content and because memes or figs are instantly recognizable and fun, they can make all your content “catchier” when seen only momentarily; they can encourage more interactions and click-through accordingly.

3) Focus on Mobile phones audience

Mobile devices are the founding spot of most of your customers lately. Therefore, mobile optimization should be a top a priority for you in whatever left of 2017 and full focus on the next years! mobile friendly websites, and also remember a lot of people are still using old phones, so don’t develop your apps based on latest iOS or android update!

For this we suggest connecting with your customers and readers emotionally, because the most shared pictures on Facebook were memes and screenshots, DON’T be ashamed of giving your followers what they want while being smart of transferring your messages!

4) Video!

88% of viewed Social Media Content is Video!! Extras of movies or series trending, are highly to get your post viral online, remaining sharp and on top of any trending series nowadays can help your business profit from a high online traffic which will definitely convert some clients for you.

[dt_gap height= »15″ /]A lot of business started creating video capsules about series’ theories, while engaging with the audience and promoting their business in the comments sections! and believe me it worked, especially for E-commerce business! Bear in mind that YouTube is the second biggest Search Engine, therefore it will be a smart move to create and invest a bit in your YouTube channel or its ads.

5) Search Engines:

Google is likely to bring a major change in their search algorithm with social signals getting more importance. Therefore, various social engagement metrics like: Social sharing, subscriber bases, viewership, follower base, commenting… will become more important than it ever was, use more key words, which are mostly hashtags: here’s a top 5 of the most used # on Facebook so far:






Finally, memes, gifs or trending videos alone won’t help you getting a good content online, they’re just a tool to get more viewers, subscribers and followers, you should also focus on a high quality informative content like Vlogs, Podcasts, Blogging and more. The human brain works in mysterious ways, there are simple patterns of hacking it, how to create a certain idea based on what people are actually expecting online, will be our next topic, stay tuned!!

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