How to use Facebook to get more traffic to your website?

Nowadays it’s hard to hear about a business that is not using Facebook to get more traffic as part of their marketing strategy or generating leads through it. Facebook’s advertising business has already changed a lot in the past four years, the reason behind that is the fact that Facebook became the main advertising platform in social media, also the fact that Facebook went from 1 Billion user in June 2016 to 2 Billion in July 2017, based on different researches.This article will guide you through how to use Facebook to get more traffic to your website.

There are certain ways to use Facebook to get more traffic to your website such as:

1- Optimize your Facebook Page for website clicks.

Followers can’t click through your website if they can’t find a link! As simple as it sounds, a lot of pages are using daily clickers just because a link is not provided. Use Facebook to get more traffic by providing a link attached to the Call-to-action button next to the Like button of your page, se even before considering what quality of content you could get a click !

2- A steady pace of content on your website!

Posting stuff like how to look fancy in a cheap dress, won’t get you the clicks wanted, it might get a bit of organic growth, but definitely not a new click on your website! Blogging is your answer, fresh content about your product, written in an interested way, will help keep your followers ready to read more, and know more about you, and will eventually go to your website in order to search for more articles in the blog!

3- Optimizing the content for share

This is the best way to use Facebook to get more traffic. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it ! Once you have a good content in your blog, and you know that your readers are ready for more, make it easier for followers to share your content on Facebook, and other social sharing buttons to be provided as well, the more the better! And most importantly use big images “Visual content is king”

4- Using community management tools

Managing the followers or people who have liked your page is as important as having your website up and running, why?

Those are the person you’re targeting, keeping them engaged with your posts is highly important, therefore the content should be well thought and also planned ahead in order to get the reach needed, the moment you know how they react to your posts, you can start adding URL links of your website straight into your posts, which will guaranty a high conversion rate of clickers !

You just need to remember that people hate click-bait — they may click but they will “bounce,” which is bad for both your Facebook reach and your website’s search ranking. Also, you need to use friendly tone and don’t be afraid of engaging their comments and also use humor, also, adding things like a generated reply on your inbox, using Q and A websites to handle other questions asked behind your back about your product/service can be a plus!

5- Your visuals are your mirror

Use big pretty and well-designed pictures about your product, good wording, keep it short and simple, then putting the link in the status update, which ill make it seems logical, and potentially get you more visitors!

6- Advertising on Facebook

Remains the easiest way, regardless of your content quality (a laughing cow, a game of thrones spoiler or a late late show !..) Facebook has tons of ways if you’re willing to spend a little bit of cash, you can easily chose to target your competitors likers, getting more reach among your current fans and their friends, and even getting likes from other countries ! This will definitely help you boost your conversion rates in case you’re willing to spend some cash.

In the end the purpose is to get more visitors to your website, converting them is entirely up to your methods, which will be discussed in our next articles! Stay online!

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