5 Psychological hacks for your online content!

Think of the human mind as a maze, and psychology is the art of understanding it, its usage in digital marketing is not based on manipulating the human mind, but rather how to get it to understand the hidden points behind your strategies and convert their taste buds either real clicks towards your targeted website or to acquire your product, which is what we can help you with here at Kaokeb . Here are 5 points among many psychological hacks to help your content convert more.

1. The usage of emotions

Humans are emotional by nature, and the way we behave towards something or feel about it, is usually a big indicator of what actions we might take.

If you want to drive conversion with your marketing content, you need to persuade not just the logic of your readers / followers, but also their deepest-held beliefs, feelings and emotions.

for example a Moroccan youtuber, posted a video crying because of the conditions he lives in while recording and creating his content, following uploading the video, he jumped from 15K subscribers to 456K subscriber in 5 hours, few gaming companies started offering him products for youtube reviews videos, and they manage to sell more in a market where they never thought of this possibility.

This emotional connection is more powerful than any bland marketing content you could write to drive conversions.

2. Write in-depth content

The verse majority knows that long-form content does well coming up in the search engine results pages, but did you know that carefully worked out, detailed and thorough in-depth content, is also more compelling? According to a research by point visible, long-form blog posts generate nine times more leads than short-form content. That’s a shocker! The reason behind this is that you present an authoritative image, a well detailed situation, with a description of all the feelings and emotions attached, to your content readers.

Because depending on the product you’re marketing, Instead of short blog posts or 30-second videos, creating long-form content, can really boost up your followers. This is a great way to start driving more conversions from the content you produce.

3 Split-test your headlines

The spine to your article, the headline, is one of the biggest ways to get more readers for your posts, but it will also increase your conversion rate.

When people are engaged with the content you create or write, they’re more likely to subscribe and read what you have to offer, and also build a subconscious trust, which will lead at least 30 % of them eventually towards your product/services.

Headlines are so important, and the majority of online marketers consider them one of the best A/B tests that will double your conversions. According to a study by Hubspot, 91 per cent of marketers share their content on Twitter, which is a good way to run a simple split test, please do check this article if you can read Moliere’s language! A/B Testing

4 Engaging the readers before they scroll down

What you will include at the top of your content apart from the headline, where the reader does not need to scroll, is critical to your conversion rate.

To make the best use of it, include ways to engage the reader before he/she scrolls down to read the entire article, this will keep the reader interested in your content, and may even drive a conversion before he or she leaves your page, or even finish reading the whole article!

Work hard on your suggestion, keep his state of mind cornered into thinking that you shall provide him with all the info needed, guide them towards other articles that you had a great success with, make it easier for them to spot your other social media platforms, make the reader believe that the person behind this article and planning is not a marketer, rather a regular person like him/her.

Look to tweak your site design and include compelling links at the beginning of your content to make this work best. And as an example, the Evernote blog is one of the top users of this strategy.

5- Write list posts

Whenever our mind is discovering something for the first time, is like getting to a swimming pool, you know your steps! The same thing goes for blog posts, or Facebook ads, list posts have a unique appeal, and that can be applied to content that sells as well as content that does not.

People like reading things that have a specific number of items, and this kind of content actually provides a way for every writer to process difficult or complicated information and make it an easy read, on the other hand, the reader will have much time and real time adaptation of his mental power to understand each point!

The daily mail itself started using this technique to attract more readers into clicking on their headline, and when the article is good, you can even include signing up for your product as the last option in the list.

Those theories are part of more than 30 psychological based marketing theories, that you can use to boost your conversion rates, they also include ways of writing emails, hacks of choosing visuals and more. stay tuned for our next article.

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