21 Psychological hacks to create a better content

By understanding your buyer’s online behaviors, you can start using hacks to create a better content that can engage your potential customers more and get them to convert easier.

Strong message personnalisation can allow you to speak more closely with your prospects. This implicates a deep knowledge of your prospect’s needs, concerns and motivations.

Psychology is the study of mental processes that lead to human behavior. It affects everything we do. Understanding psychological principles that are backed by Data is always useful for a content. This allows content marketers and businesses to align their contents with how users make decisions.

1. Follow current trends

There’s a reason major publications like UrbanDaddy spend so much time covering current trends: they work.

Create a better content : Follow current trends

Majority of people online are interested in what’s trending, what’s popular, and the content you create can and will encourage your followers to engage in a good way.

To make the best of it, you should find topics that aren’t hard to discuss or to be followed. Include explanatory pictures, gifs or even short videos!

This gives your brand a sense of relevance that will drive more conversions and encourage signups and purchases.


2. Create urgency

This can be a powerful hack to create a better content. There’s no denying the power of urgency to drive massive conversions.

No one can deny the power of urgency when used correctly to drive massive conversions.

If your posted content didn’t feature any sorts of urgencies, it’s time to reconsider it. According to data published by Entrepreneur, urgency can improve conversion rates by as much as 332 percent.

To make it work, you should include references to low-stock, limited-time deals, and countdowns for products or services, and how much others are either saving money or making it.

Using urgency in this way is one of my favourite hacks for increasing your conversion rate.


3. Create anticipation

If you want people to follow through with the content you write, you need to draw them in. One of the best ways to do this is by using anticipation.

The first few scenes or first few lines should be like a trailer of an upcoming movie, it catches you before you even start to realise what am I reading? Or what am I watching?

Innocent Drinks does a great job introducing the stories on their blog. After reading the introduction, you can’t help but wonder what happens next.

This encouraged people to read the full article, and it also created a feeling that there’s something to come, but it got the reader’s attention to read the full article,

If your article starts with a cliff-hanger, that only your product will fully solve, you’re set up for a massive spike in conversion rates.


4. Tell a story

For millennia, humans have been telling each other stories.

It’s one of the primary ways in which we communicate, and it’s a great way to get people interested in what you have to offer.

You should take advantage of this effect, and leverage storytelling to create a better content for a huge improvement in your conversion rate.

If your business is new, share a success story, something you did for a client, show result while using story telling technics.

Warby Parker used a common event, the 2017 solar eclipse, to tell a story about their company culture.

While it seems like just a story about the solar eclipse, it’s also a great way to drive sales with their brand.

We like doing business with companies and people we know, and telling stories is a great way to create likeability and trust with prospective customers and leads.


5. Proclaim the opposite

We can’t resist something that tells us not to click.

You can use the same technique to create a better content that drives conversions. Instead of always telling what your content is about, try doing the opposite.

A Lady called Ann Handly wrote a post about an airline company, headlined : This is not a post about Delta airlines.

Of course, a heading like that makes you interested in reading what the article is about, if it isn’t about what she claims it is.

You can always go with the original idea or famous line in scripts: This is not sales call!


6. Use social proof

Create a better content : Social proof

We like what other people like, and we usually trust the opinions of others more than the messaging from a brand.

Social proof is a great way to increase your conversions.

When a fashion magazine or blogger referred people to a campaign, the conversion rate improved by 200 per cent. This type of social proof can be massive.

To use this effectively, you just need to include quotes from happy customers in your copy. You can also include endorsements from larger names or companies.

For maximum effect, include a few customer case studies in your normal content marketing strategy. This is a great way to overcome objections, tell a story, and increase conversions.


7. Feature compelling images

Images are a huge way to increase the conversion of your content, but they’re a largely untapped resource.

So many of the brand blogs I see only include a few stock photos.

Some analysts said that because their major brand, most of their visuals (Logos, Advert slogans…) are stored subconsciously in their followers mind.

create a better content : Feature compelling images

According to Marketing Insider Group, 65 per cent of senior marketers believe that visual content is the core of how their brand story is communicated.

There are plenty of ways to include visual content, but the best method is to use engaging and interesting images with your articles, same as what we do here.

Simply include more images or even create an infographic using a free tool like Canva.


8. Understand your audience

Famous 2014 world cup dancing boy!

If you’re mission is to convert more and get more engagement rates, your first priority is to know your audience.

Perhaps more importantly, you need to know the different types of audiences who might be interested in your product/services.

Create a better content : Know your audienceWhile Aston Martin might only be considered a luxury car, they include customer stories that depict it as a car for all kinds of people, from retirees to families of five.


By knowing your audience and appealing to all different kinds of prospect who could be interested in your offer, you can create a better content thats increases the number of people who convert by more than 50 per cent.


9. Don’t jump to a sell

If you’ve hit a wall with your content, the problem might just be that you’re too focused on selling.

Instead, take a break and show how other things are related to your product.

Slack uses a variety of topics to show the importance of their product, and not all of them are directly related to the precise features of the tool.

Create a better content : Don’t jump to a sell

This article talks about how office workers can feel left out and get less done because of it. There’s a connection, of course, since Slack is a communication tool.

But it’s not to be considered as a cry for help to buy the product!


10. Respond to objections in your content

In the articles you write, you can gradually reduce the barriers people have to converting with your product or service.

On the Mint blog, the authors cover common objections frequently, but blend it with useful tips and other valuable content.

This piece on saving for retirement counters an objective of many of Mint’s younger customers: worrying about retirement too early.

Attacking these misconceptions is a great way to create a better content. They’re providing advice and engaging content, while also making it easy for a reader to convert later on, by inserting the idea of what we can offer you if you choose us !


11. Address pain points

Create a better content : Address pain points

To truly appeal to your customers, you need to address their pain points. Find out exactly what their struggles are and provide in-depth analysis that provides solutions.

The writers at Zendesk know that one of the biggest frustrations of marketers is being overwhelmed with a chat feature.

Since this is a common reason people will sign up for Zendesk, they spend the entire article responding to pain points and showing how their product will solve the problem.

Using this technique, you can gradually build up a case for your product without ever making a direct call to action.


12. Create a better content upgrade

A content upgrade is a downloadable bonus based on the content of one article!

To make this work effectively, find an article that’s already performing well. Create a must-have supplement to the article that your readers will find enticing.

This could be an additional tool, a checklist, or even a PDF version of the article. A journalist in BBC, once uploaded his questioning list for a super star, and promised his readers that he will be asking their questions if they manage to upload it and send it back.

Because it’s carefully targeted to readers of your article, this type of lead magnet tends to convert much higher than standard offers.


13. Repeat what you want people to remember

Studies in behavioural psychology have shown that people interpret things they hear more often as true, compared to the ideas they’re only introduced to once in a lifetime.

In one particular study, researchers of Oxford University told a series of lies to participants. Some of the lies were new, and some were repeated again and again.

When asked which of the ideas they believed most, participants agreed that the lies they heard repeated were more likely to be true.

Of course we don’t recommend you to lie in order to convert more, but maybe if you repeat one message again and again, you’ll start to see your customers engage more and more with the content and come to believe your common message.


14. Make the content scannable!

According to Point Visible, the average reader only spends 37 seconds reading an article or blog post. That’s a tiny amount of time.

Therefore, the best way to make your content easy to scan, is to bold and highlight the main points in your article.

Write short paragraphs, include subheadings, and provide lots of images. You can also create more interesting text using parentheses, bullet points, and quotes.

Content like this is easier to read, meaning more people will find out what you have to offer and convert.


15. Include conversion-oriented keywords

When visitors look to your content, they’re either coming with the intention of converting or not.

Of course, you can convince someone they need to convert. But it’s far easier to appeal to an audience member who’s already excited about signing up or buying.

To do this, you should adopt the strategies we use in house: use a trigger word like “free.” Just using that one word increased conversions by 28 per cent.

Create a better content : Include conversion-oriented keywords
Source mentioned above

But it doesn’t have to be something for free. Look into what trigger words encourage conversions based on your key metrics and include them in your copy, Free is just an example.


16. Provide an easy out

Create a better content : Provide an easy out

While it’s easy to use a high-pressure voice in your marketing content, it’s more effective to use a more subtle call to action and give the reader the choice of converting or not.

A meta-analysis of 42 studies showed that in the 22,000 people surveyed, the likelihood of a positive response was doubled when researchers gave an “easy out.”

Specifically, by using the phrase “you are free not to”, people tend to go along with the action. Basic reverse psychology can be effective. By telling people they don’t have to do something, they’re more inclined to follow along. This kind of choice is important to create a better content.


17. Leverage the P.S. line

No matter how compelling your content, the truth is that people will always read your postscript to see what you have to say.

Create a better content : Leverage the P.S. line

Instead of using it to provide extra information or other non-converting copy, leverage it to drive your most important actions, or simply using it to create a trust relationship with your followers!

This email from Buffer, featured on Kissmetrics, provides a great example of a P.S. that drives conversions.

Create a better content that converts. Reiterating the main call to action of the body of the message without being repetitive can help you do just that.


18. Sprinkle in textural adjectives

Create a better content : Sprinkle in textural adjectives

The words you use can have a huge influence on how people perceive the product you have to sell or the action you want them to take.

To increase the perceived appeal of your specific call to action, include textural adjectives. These are words that describe something with clear textures and elicit the senses.

This content from Mouth Foods does a great job of describing products with vivid language.

I’ve highlighted the adjectives they’ve used to achieve this effect. Try to read it without your mouth watering.

Adjectives like: Briny, Blend of spices, slight kick, Chunky, Pickled, Crunchy… will directly push your mind to embrace the existence of your stomach, which is what they actually look for.

Even if you don’t sell food, you can use words like this to make your product seem more appealing and drive conversions.


19. Make your content unusual

According to Hubspot, 85 percent of marketers defined success in content marketing by an increase in traffic.

Of course, that traffic leads to more conversions. But there’s a technique that will both increase your traffic and improve your conversion rate.

To use this well, you need to create noteworthy, out-of-the-box content. This is content that’s worth sharing for some reason.

Not only will it drive traffic, you’ll engage readers and encourage them to convert. Reviews websites started using trending series character and reviewing the products based on that persona’s character.

This technique will need you to get out of your comfort zone and use your imagination. But it will eventually make you create a better content. By creating content that’s out of the ordinary, you’ll increase your conversions and the number of people familiar with your brand.


20. Focus on the first and last points

Psychological research has shown that humans pay careful attention to what comes first in content and what comes last, while largely ignoring everything in the middle.

This illustration from Copyhackers shows the effect.

Create a better content : Position of word in list

You’ll notice that the recall percentage is highest for concluding information, nearing 75 percent, while the first piece of information has recall over 50 percent.

These recency and primacy indicators are a great hack you can use to create a better content and improve what people remember from it.

Include the most important details at the beginning, and a call to action at the end.

This is a strong way to increase conversions while using our natural tendencies to focus on the specific order of information.


21. Use the Barnum effect to “see” into your readers’ souls

The Barnum effect is a way of appealing to everyone using the same types of language.

Psychological research spanning decades has revealed that certain phrases, like “you have a tendency to be critical of yourself,” apply to nearly everyone, yet feel deeply personal.

Strategies like this have been used by magicians and other performers for “cold reading,” to appear to discern information about a stranger.

You can use these techniques to touch on deep feelings of your prospect, while appealing to nearly everyone.

An example: Trello blog used the Barnum effect in some of their articles, by asking if the reader is overly critical of him or herself.

This hack can draw the reader closer to your content and give a feeling of closeness that engages trust and grows your conversions.


Congratulation! you’re on your way to create a better content!

Making a marketing content that converts readers to loyal fans and customers, isn’t difficult if you know what you’re doing. By using these 21 techniques, you can create a better content that’s powerful and engaging, while driving visitors to do business with you. check out this article for more hacks.

To use them, experiment with one or two and see how it works in your content marketing. As you continue to produce content, gradually add more.

Then, as you continue to experiment, test, and refine your systems, you’ll start to see your conversion rate take off.

Content marketing doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. You can use it to drive conversions immediately.

What hacks will you use to get more conversions from your content?

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